This site, mobile applications and its contents (“Construct App” or “platform”) are the exclusive property of Construct Software Limitada (Construct), a Brazilian company registered at CNPJ/MF under the nº 21.462.309/0001-73, located at Rua Sergipe, 1014 room 501 – Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.


Construct App is a online plataform provided as “Software as a Service ” (SaaS), which serves to connect employees on projects to their companies, using the website “” and the mobile apps available in the applications stores for iOS and Android.


This Privacy Policy is intended to provide informations about the data collected, use, storage, protection and rights of customer about their corporate data (“corporate data”) and user of Construct App regarding their personal data (“personal data”), including:

  • What corporate data is collected during the use and access to Construct App;
  • What personal data is collected during the use and access to Construct App;
  • How does Construct use customer and personal data;
  • With which companies do we share the personal and customer data how these third parties make use of this information;
  • In which situations can we share the customer or personal data with authorities;
  • How and for what time period do we store customer and personal data;
  • How customers and users can control the sending and storage of their personal data; and
  • Under what conditions can we change the terms of this privacy policy.



If you are not eligible, or do not agree to these Terms, then you are not permitted to use Construct App.




By using Construct App, you agree to disclose the following personal data:


Registration information: For the use of Construct App users must create an account by registering on the platform.  Users volunteer to provide certain personal data, including: name, address, email and telephone. It is the user’s full responsibility to guarantee that this information is correct and complete.  

Access information: Construct App use various technologies, both its own and third parties, which collects information automatically regarding the navigation of users when using the platform. This data is collected by technologies by Cookies or SDK’s – small files files which store this information on the user’s device. These technologies may collect information such as i) device data (operating system / browser version), hardware type, MAC address (media access control), IMEI (international mobile equipment identity) and UDID (identifier number, used at Apple devices) ii) IP address and the time of the user’s access  iii) location of the device at the moment the user accesses Construct App and information about the preferences and habits of use.

Informations about payment methods. The use of Construct App may also require the user to provide informations regarding payment such as a credit card number, credit card name, expiration date, address and ccv code.

  1. Use of personal information

Personal data willingly provided to Construct App is used for the following purposes:

  • Effective payment control:  Registration information and payment information will be used to generate invoices for customers.  
  • Access metrics. The Application uses its own and third-party tools to obtain statistics and metrics regarding the profiles of Construct App users and how Construct App is being used. Such data is applied to enhance the platform, content of the Construct App and identify programming errors that may affect use.  
  • Important communications: The Registration Information may be used so that we can respond to users’ inquiries and send them important communications and alerts about the operation of the Construct App.
  • E-mail Marketing: In cases which the client explicitly authorizes, Construct App may send emails about offers from Construct or other partners.
  • Ad customization. Personal data might be used to customize the messaging of ads with the purpose of offering relevant content to the user.  
  1. Information shared with third parties.

There is no direct sharing of information exchanged between users in Construct App. However, in order to fulfill the purposes set forth above, it is imperative that certain personal data is processed through technology tools owned by third parties. These tools and third-party companies may include:

  • Hosting services: Construct App is hosted on an Amazon web services, Inc (…)  server. The terms and conditions of the hosting service offered to Construct App by Amazon can be found at the following link.
  • Payment processing companies. All of the payments made to Construct via Construct App are processed by the company Iugu serviços na internet SA. More informations about the services provided by this company can be accessed at
  • Google Analytics. This is a tool for collecting and viewing access metrics, owned by Google Inc. The terms and conditions of this tool can be accessed at
  • Rd Sation. Alerts and emails are sent using  RD station, provided by RD Gestão e Sistemas SA. The terms and conditions of this tool can be accessed at

Personal Information may also be shared with law enforcement, judicial or administrative authorities or with the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office, in the event of a court order requiring Construct to make personal data available to such authorities.

  1. Storage of security data

The personal data, customer data and data exchanged between users via Construct App is stored for the period in which a customer remains a client and until 6 (six) months after the cancellation of service. All personal data is subject to security practices, which include physical and digital protection measures and seek to prevent unauthorized third parties from improper access to personal data.

It is the responsibility of users to i) keep the environments of access such as mobile devices and computers safe through specific tools such as antivirus software, firewall protection and others,  to prevent any type of digital risk ii) use of the most up to date operational systems and application versions to fully use Construct App iii) equip users with all hardware devices and internet connection necessary to access to the site.  Sometimes Construct App may solicit personal data via email especially relating to passwords and login information. In no way will Construct be responsible for any any false electronic warnings that collect data from users frequently (phishing.)

  1. Personal information control.

Users have the autonomy to define which Personal Information they voluntarily wish to share with Construct App. However, failure to provide certain information may prevent the user from using certain functionality offered by Construct App (for example, it is imperative that the user provide means of payment informations to make a purchase). The following tools are available for users to control the automatic collection and storage of their personal data:

  • Browser Tools: The main browsers used for web access have options to refuse the storage of cookies and tools to control permissions and collection of personal data, such as private or anonymous browsing modes.
  • Ad Blocking Software: Several free browser extensions allow you to block custom ads, crawlers and cookies. Construct does not endorse or verify any such applications, and its use is the sole responsibility of the user.
  • Email marketing: All marketing emails sent by Construct have the option of unsubscribing, available in the body footer of the sent email. If the user wishes, it may at anytime unsubscribe.
  • Definite Exclusion: The user may, at its discretion and at any time, request from Construct the deletion of personal informations collected via Construct App. However, Construct may store data relating to the IP address and date/time of access for a period of 6 (six) months from the time of collection or for a longer period (if requested by a competent authority), as required by Federal Law n. 12.965 / 2014 (“Civil Internet Framework”). After the expiration of this period, the user may also request the definitive exclusion of any IP records and date and time of access.


  1. Changes on this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policycan be modified at any time at the discretion of Construct.  Construct is required to previously inform the users and customers via electronic means of communication such as email or notes posted to a client’s support project. In cases of significant amendments or decreases of the users rights, Construct shall send an email to all registered users pointing when changes to this document will be amended and take effect. Users may, at their sole discretion, delete their subscription from Construct App if they do not agree with the planned changes.


This privacy policy is governed under the laws of the Federal Republic of Brazil (Republica Federativo do Brasil) and in full agreement with the civil consumer protection codes ( Código de defesa do consumidor) lei 8.078, september 11, 1990. The questions and any unpredicted situations not identified in this terms of service must first attempted to be settled by Construct and if not solved, will be under the effective laws of the Federal Republic of Brazil


Any doubts or requests related to these terms of service should be sent to Construct through the email


The last amendment done to this Privacy Policy was posted on October 23, 2018.